Email is your company's tool
 most critical  tool


Switching to a new email system is a strategic decision that entails long-term commitment.

BlueMind is a European, open-source collaborative mail solution.

BlueMind is the ultimate answer to the dilemma opposing digital sovereignty and user satisfaction.

  How ? 

  Digital Sovereingty 

Having digital sovereignty means keeping your independence and your ability to choose:

- Having a choice and control over your IT solutions and data

- Not being tied to a supplier thereby keeping costs under control

- Encouraging the rise of European solutions rather than feeding foreign monopolies.


   User Satisfaction 

Email is the tool organisations use the most. An executive worker spends on average 5 hours a day on emails.

BlueMind gives you:

  • The best Thunderbird support,
  • Native Outlook compatibility,
  • A Mac version,
  • A webmail application with a new version on the way,
  • Availability on Android, iOS and ActiveSync mobile devices.


BlueMind is respectful of user habits and adapts to all uses.

  Stability & Durability  

- More than 500 production clients

- From just a few dozens to hundreds of thousands of users

- A clear strategy, a stable company


 BlueMind is designed to last  

See for yourself. 


BlueMind is available for download here.

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